More dates available for Manchester Velodrome

Evening All – I have just received an e-mail from Jason Kotch with new dates available for track time at Manchester Velodrome.

Basically there is spare capacity on sessions for the 1st and 7th of November to join the Yorkshire or Cumbrian cluster sessions.

Strictly first come first served so don’t hang about and give me a shout if you have any questions.

Jason’s e-mail is below with relevant links



Hi everyone.

There are 2 new opportunities for our youth riders to attend Go-Ride track cluster sessions at Manchester.

The Yorkshire session on 1st November has vacancies in all 3 groups that we can use. Entry via the link below;

The Manchester/Cumbria session on 8th November also has vacancies. Entry via the link below;—Manchester/Cumbria

Its a great opportunity for the riders to get some extra track experience. Also, it may be possible for our newly qualified level 2 track coaches to get a session done to finish the course if you contact the event organiser. 

If you could share this info with your youth riders via club website/facebook/coaching sessions would be much appreciated.


Jason Kotch