Club Constitution

Hetton Hawks is open to any rider under 18 years old and to some categories of adult riders.  The aims of Hetton Hawks will be to increase the numbers of youth, junior and espoir riders in all aspects of cycle sport and to facilitate their transition into the adult side of the sport. Meeting weekly at Hetton Lyons Country Park the club is affiliated to British Cycling helping to identify talented youngsters. The club is open to all riders under 18, including riders from other cycling clubs, meaning non-members can take part in regular coaching sessions.  Our full constitution is available to read here


Hetton Hawks have taken steps to educate our young riders and their parents to make sensible use of the Internet and social media.  Hetton Hawks will use its website and Facebook page to announce club activities and updates.  A private Facebook Group and Email list exists to communicate directly with our members.  Members are encouraged to follow our e-safety guidelines which can be found here.