Off Road Coaching Starts – 9th September

I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer break and had plenty of opportunity to get out on the bike.  With the coaches well rested they’re ready to start the off-road coaching programme from 9th September.  Sessions will move away from the track and on to the fields in hope of rain and mud to really practice those off-road riding skills.

It’s good practice anyway to check your bike before a ride, but if you’re dusting off a cross bike from storage and changing tyres over then make sure you give your bike a check.  Tips from BC can be found here –,2WFM,5A41J,BAG3,1

Sessions will start at 10:00 as normal, however as the temperatures start to drop we’ll finish the sessions at 11:30 rather than 12:00.  Riders (and coaches) don’t forget your membership cards to hand in at sign on.

Look forward to seeing everyone with nobly tyres fitted on 9th September.