2019 Notice of Annual General Meeting

Hetton Hawks Cycling Club hereby gives notice that the 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 19th October 2019 commencing at 10:30 at Hetton Lyons Country Park.


The AGM is open to all Hetton Hawks Club Members, Parents / Guardians of Club Members and Club Officials.


Full members (or parental representative) may vote. The chair may allow a block vote for any posts which are uncontested. Voting will be on a simple majority with the chair having a second or casting vote.


If any club member wishes to invite the committee to include any item on the agenda full details of the item must be submitted to the Club Secretary by email to secretary@hettonhawks.org.uk no later than Wednesday 16th October 2019. The Club reserves the right not to include any such item on the agenda.


Any person who wishes to be nominated for appointment to the Committee must send an expression of interest to the Club Secretary by email to secretary@hettonhawks.org.uk by Wednesday 16th October 2019. Positions available are:

  • Club Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Equipment Officer
  • Sub-Committee Leads
    • Membership
    • Coaching
    • Racing
    • Events/Social
    • Awards
  • Welfare Officers
  • Minimum of 2 lay members (i.e. not holding any other formal role)

Nominations will also be accepted for any post from the floor of the meeting.


If any club member has any queries with regard to these arrangements please email the club secretary at secretary@hettonhawks.org.uk