Performance Clinic Testing and Position – Thursday 14th July 7-9pm

In this session held at Great Lumley Community Centre, we will be examining how to apply heart rates to performance levels, or as British Cycling call them, training zones.

Although many riders follow the fashion of riding to power (and spending a lot of money to get the technology on their bikes), it is only part of the performance picture. The members who have attended our seminars have learned about basic performance physiology and now we will be showing them how to apply this by using heart rate monitoring.  It really is about “understanding the engine”.

You don’t have to have done a test or have been on our previous clinics to benefit from this month’s seminar so consider coming.  It’s free and delivered by the Hetton coaching team.

We’re also hoping to demonstrate testing for maximum power and explain how to train for this and for maximum sustained power and endurance.

To book, please mail