Performance Clinic Session, Thursday 17th November, 7-9pm, Great Lumley Community Centre

Dear riders and parents, (this is targeted at new riders Youth C and older who wish to attend the clinic for the first time)

Just to remind you all that the next performance clinic is coming up.  For the riders, a bit of homework. Please choose a target cycle-cross event, which is 6-8 weeks away. If you aren’t competing in CX, think about another race you would like to do well in next year.

You will need:

  • An event that will be either:
  • a challenge for you, or
  • one that you know and want to do much better in this time round; and
  • any information you have still got from previous sessions if you have attended other Hetton seminars, such as the test 8 week plans and notes/slides on physiology and your assessment of key racing skills (what you thought you were good at etc).

What you have to do:

  • Bring a draft plan (6-8 weeks), not necessarily from “now” – you choose your event and work backwards to your start date
  • The plan should have how much time you can really manage over the period, thinking about everything you have to do each week
  • Tip: remember, Saturday mornings at Hetton is where you can work on the technical side you want to improve within the coached session
  • Think about what you want to improve – is it physical or technical or a bit of both? Do you need to work on more than one thing?
  • It should say for each session what you are getting out of each session – this can also be recovery!

At the session, we will get into little groups and discuss our plans again. We can look at how to deal with setbacks and things we didn’t know were going to happen.

We’re also going to do a little bit of talking about something called the “rate of perceived exertion” or RPE. It’s what you use alongside readings like heart rate and power.

If you wish to attend the clinic for the first time, please contact me to let me know you are coming on  I also respond to text messages on 07871 445289, but remember to say who you are please!

Best wishes,

Tony Hodgson, Club Coach.